An overdose of products and brands in the retail shelf space can be any marketer's nightmare. In such a scenario, how does one withstand the competition? Put an ear to the customer's needs, desire and perceptions. Listen. Not just with the ears. With an open mind.

CR&C offers Marketing Research marked by the criteria of quality, performance, dependability and unbeatable value. Even the smallest details are taken into consideration before the research is actually conducted. Consider for example, questionnaires prepared in the regional language, making it easier for the respondent to react comfortably and accurately. Or conduct surveys in any part of Kerala - urban, semi-urban or rural - for a better understanding of the market.

Our market research wing assists in:

  • Market overviews

  • Awareness studies

  • Ad recall studies

  • Assessing the market size and growth trends

  • Identifying major market segments and niches

  • Identifying market place needs and wants

  • Tracking competitors moves and products

  • Identifying buyers' decision making process

  • Positioning the product in the market

  • Designing marketing strategies

  • Distribution and logistics

It's not how you start. It's how you turn. It's called the moment of transformation. One that metamorphoses an ordinary pupa into a flashy butterfly. A piece of canvas into a work of art. And a fledgling idea into a powerful business proposition. 

At CR&C, we provide consultancy services that could transform your business dreams into reality. Whether it be through Project Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Statistical Consultancy or Training. And it is many parts technical precision and many parts vision.

Project Consultancy
Our project consultancy team provides assistance in the following areas: Feasibility studies, Preparation of detailed project reports and Preparation of project profiles.

Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy Services provided include: Marketing strategy formulation, Management information system, Long-term management consultancy.

Training Programmes
CR&C provides training to managerial professionals, Sales Supervisors/Executives and Entrepreneurs.

Statistical Consultancy
CR&C provides statistical consultancy to various organisations. 

CR&C's mission - Foster professional management concepts for faster industrial growth in Kerala.